Crypto Payment Request: Bank-like convenience

  • May 18, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Crypto Payment Request: Bank-like convenience

A lot of people have anticipated the payment sector being the next to be revolutionized. The pandemic actually delivered the much-needed boost to the digitization of this sector. Financial institutions worldwide are constantly at work experimenting with ways to be more flexible and accommodating with the payments. As a result, we were served up the option to Buy-now-Pay-Later (BNPL). Next up, is the Request-to-Pay alternative. Clearly, financial institutions are neck-deep in devising ways to offer inclusive, easy, and secure payment alternatives to their clients.

The Parallel Realm Catches Up

In the virtual realm cryptocurrency sector has also come up with ways to ease the payment glitches through upgrades and the development of newer protocols. Avalanche, for instance, is one such protocol that is developed by closing the gaping holes of Ethereum. The protocol facilitates cheaper and high-speed crypto invoicing and payroll services.

Invoices play an important role in keeping records of a company’s crypto assets. Information about wherefrom they arrive, and where they are spent are essential for tax or accounting purposes. They also come in handy in ensuring everyone has their bills paid on time. 

A renowned DeFi platform enables users to view, manage, and pay all their crypto invoices under one roof. It powers payments of thousands of Web 3.0 companies that have to pay their suppliers, partners, contributors, and team members in crypto. The platform allows them the flexibility to choose from a growing list of over 70+ different currencies and 10+ different blockchains.  

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Crypto Payment Request

A Crypto Payment Request is an invitation sent from the merchant to the client to initiate a cryptocurrency transaction. This is to say that whenever a client wants to make a payment, users can send them a Bitcoin payment request. Every crypto payment request contains information essential for the customer to provide the merchants with their consideration. Crypto payment requests are not restricted to Bitcoin. Users may send a request for making a payment in Ethereum, XRP, or any other cryptocurrency.

Several tools are now available for users to leverage in sending requests for crypto payments. The previously mentioned example of crypto invoices offers a classic use case. Crypto invoices offer the easiest way to forward a crypto payment request. They are easily navigated and contain every important payment detail including the deposit address and the sum in Bitcoin that needs to be paid. Also, users need not generate a new crypto invoice for each client; they may be used indefinitely for an infinite number of times.

The platforms so designed are installed with the latest and upgraded security measures. At present, users are facilitated with adequate tools to counter all kinds of crypto-related fraud.  

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Flexibility and alternatives are key to all payment methods in fiat-centric and crypto avenues. Payment evolution is happening at an unimaginable pace. One can only struggle to keep a tab on the emergence of the newer payment modes. However, the adoption of the payment modes and their mass acceptance will determine the success of the methods.

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