Elaborating Time Trading: Schedule Your Targets Easily

  • June 25, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

Trading is easier when it comes to finding the right strategy. But, as far as the timing is concerned, only a few are aware of it. It is what brings us to the concept of time trading. When should you trade to make the best profits? Is it beneficial to conduct trading at night? Or, you need to target the morning hours or, 24/7 is the key? This article guides you about adjusting your trading plans and timings according to the demands ideally.

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Timing is everything as far as trading is concerned. For a maximum of the traders, when is as essential as how. With the forex market being available and open for 24 hours, five days every week, there are particular timeframes you require to follow when you trade. Let us discuss more in the article below.

Trading In The Time Zones Of Forex Market

The Forex market happens to be open 24/5. However, there are particular timeframes. Even when Forex remains decentralized, prices are based massively on central banks along with their schedule. There are four principal sessions separated by region: American, European, Asian, as well as Pacific. Throughout a session, financial institutions and central banks of that very region happen to be active, which leads to asset movements.

When it comes to time trading following the European timing, there happens to be a requisite possibility of high volatility when it comes to European currencies. After it overlays with the American currency, its volatility attains its peak. It can be beneficial for you based on the trading strategy you are following. It’s necessary to remember the time zone concerning your nation, so do not ignore that before you are ready to plan your trading day.

As far as weekdays are concerned, it happens to be determined that the best of trading volume and volatility can be acknowledged on Wednesday and Tuesday. But, the market activity happens to cease by Friday evening. As per experts, this usually happens post 5 PM GMT.

The 1987 Stock Market Crash: Case Study

Trading always proceeds with timing; considering time trading is the need of the hour. To understand this, you should remark that one of the best gains in stock market history happened on Oct. 19, 1987, throughout the era of its biggest crash. On Oct. 19, 1987, stocks had sunk a nerve-racking 23% through the period of the day, however, at about 1:30 p.m., they happened to stage an extensive rally that marked the Dow Jones as well as S&P 500 indexes blow off the bottom. They happened to rise higher than 10% before moving out of steam, hence turning down by the end of the day on the lows.

While most of the traders that day lost their money, those traders bought that back at 1:30 p.m. and happened to sell their positions after an hour were compensated with what we call the best short-term gains within the history of the stock market.

That’s where time trading comes in. On the contrary, traders unlucky enough to short at 1:30 p.m. to conceal in panic after an hour held the uncertain distinction of losing their money on their shorts throughout the day of the biggest decline of the stock market.

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Having said that, the 1987 crash of the stock market proved the importance of time trading. Timing happens to be hard to master, however, traders can still obtain notable gains on ill-timed trades when they happen to follow the strategic rules of time trading.

How To Trade With Attention?

Not only do you need to mind the most suitable days and time trading frames, but times that would indicate a notable amount of uncertainty.


It’s challenging when it comes to predicting the price changes on Friday. Despite numerous trading experts leaving their positions open when waiting for a further advantageous possibility to close them, many traders also prefer joining the trading market when it comes to short-term trading for making quick money. That leads to inconstant volatility that might end up in losses, therefore, be careful of Fridays.


Throughout holidays, Central banks remain closed, plus too much price movement is not noticed. Putting an order throughout holidays happens to be considered ineffective as there not much possibility persists to make. Also, make sure to not neglect to examine major holidays in various countries.

Major News

When it comes to news trading, it can be more challenging for learning the market as well as its analysis. Abstain from trading throughout big announcements and strictly evaluate the stock market to discover possibilities to place positions or close an existing one.

Winding Up

Time management happens to be significant when it comes to any trader. That’s where the key rules of time trading come in. Following hundreds of charts is not easy in our daily life. Therefore, working smartly is the key. Make sure to chalk out the unfavorable days to trade and concentrate on significant timeframes that match your trading style and strategy.

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