PayBito lists THETA, VTHO, and VET coins.

  • September 29, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito lists THETA, VTHO, and VET coins.

PayBito has been accepting and adding new coins to its exchange to provide a better trading experience. After TRX, AGRO, and NEAR, the exchange has added VTHO, VET, and THETA coins to its asset list. The platform announced its addition and hopes to increase trading activities on its platform.

PayBito Plans to Add New Cryptocurrencies to its Asset List

Even during the current bear market, the trading market has observed steady growth in the phase. The US-based crypto exchange platform is popular for its underlying blockchain architecture that provides innovative features and is updated at regular intervals. The platform already consists of some of the popular and dominant cryptocurrencies around the world such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, AVAX, TRX, EOS, AGRO, NEAR, etc, and as announced its recent addition of VET, VTHO, and THETA to its asset list.

CEO Speaks

Blockchain maximalist and chief of PayBito, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “Cryptocurrency market has seen massive adoption in 2021 and is expected only to grow in 2022. The current bear market has not affected the daily trading volume. Adding new coins to the asset list, PayBito is affirmative and expects to observe an increase in trading activities in their global exchange platform”. He has also viewed the importance of blockchain analytics and optimizing crypto investigations.

What Makes PayBito One of the Top Choices for Traders?

The US-based globally acclaimed exchange platform PayBito is well recognized for its innovative features and underpinned blockchain technology. The platform delivers high-end security, and 24/7 customer support in multiple languages and delivers a seamless trading experience. The regular updates of the platform mainly focus on the security of the investor’s assets. PayBito has set eligibility standards for the assets to ensure the safety and protection of the user assets. The platform is also planning to add cryptocurrencies to the exchange.

About VET, VTHO, and THETA

VET is the native token of the VEchainThor blockchain network and is used to add smart money for smart contracts, VTHO is also a native token of the VEchainThor network and is also known as VeThor Energy. The token is used to power any transaction that is conducted on the network. THETA coin is the native coin of the THETA blockchain network and was founded by Jiyei Long in 2017.

In Conclusion

The global recession has led people to massive cryptocurrency adoption. The increase in crypto adoption will also increase trading activities on PayBito’s exchange platform. With new features and new coins, PayBito aims to provide a better experience to its traders.


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