Crypto gateways boost small business growth

  • June 16, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Crypto gateways boost small business growth

Small businesses make significant contributions to the overall economy of any nation. A notable section of these enterprises has already started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. The additional payment transaction option helps in better lead conversion and revenue generation. This article highlights the merits of using a crypto payment gateway for small businesses. 

What is a Crypto Payment Gateway?

A crypto payment gateway refers to 3rd-party payment processors that deal with digital assets and cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin and Ether. Thereafter, the service providers are integral to the current crypto landscape, as they expedite the global adoption of crypto assets. 

Volatility had been a deterrent to mass crypto adoption among business merchants. This undermines crypto utility among the users, as there are limited options for even the biggest crypto enthusiast. Therefore, this is primarily why crypto payment gateways are crucial at present, as they offer merchants an option to utilize crypto as a transaction method without requiring crypto wallets or crypto-fiat conversion tools. 

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Advantages for Small Businesses

The crypto payment gateway platform has several benefits for small businesses. The notable ones include:

a) Zero Chargebacks

Chargebacks or payment refunds are not possible across crypto payment gateways.

b) Instantaneous Payment Settlement

Transaction settlements through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are much faster than bank transactions. Thereafter, unlike conventional processes which take days, a crypto payment transaction can be completed and received in real-time.

c) Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Crypto payment gateways facilitate direct interaction and transactions between business merchants and potential clients. The process decreases transaction time and assures access security across the payment gateway. 

d) Global Business Opportunities

The growing crypto adoption is opening up doors to international marketplaces. Crypto payment transactions facilitate international business allowing hassle-free cross-border payment transactions and conversion to local currency.

e) Easy API integration

Crypto payment gateways can be integrated across an existing business application. Thereafter, the plugin for accepting crypto payments is easy to install and use, built keeping merchant priorities in mind. 

f) Real-Time Visibility

Crypto transactions are processed within minutes. Therefore, the underlying blockchain architecture also offers real-time visibility throughout the entire transaction.  

g) Multi-OS Compatibility

Most crypto payment gateway service providers develop their applications in a way to is compatible with popular operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.                                                                                    

h) Cost-Saving through Intermediary Elimination

Crypto payment gateways eliminate intermediary processing charges common across legacy payment processing services. Therefore, this reduces operational costs significantly, making crypto payment gateways cheaper. 

Growth Potential for Small Businesses

For crypto traders, the biggest USP for digital assets are their aspects of novelty and high volatility. However, the same features are worthless by existing business enterprises. Moreover, the rapid variation in their valuations owing to volatility and legal status are the prime reasons crypto is a risky option for business. However, things are changing, and changing fast. 

The mainstream recognition of cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative currency is evident, with most countries uplifting their bans across crypto. Some nations have gone as far as declaring Bitcoin an official tender(El Salvador and CAR). Moreover, several leading countries expressed their intent to allow the use of crypto after enforcing a proper regulatory framework in place. Therefore, the upcoming frameworks prioritize the protection of investor assets and will continue to safeguard the interest of business merchants accepting crypto payment services.                                                              


The mainstream relevance of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in the past 2 years propelling better higher adoption among businesses for newer sales channels and increased revenue. Thereafter, small businesses can leverage these new opportunities to sustain their growth in the middle of rising competition.

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