Top 5 Crypto Payment Processor Gateways For Your Business

  • September 28, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
Top 5 Crypto Payment Processor Gateways For Your Business

Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing worldwide at breakneck speed. There are over 5300 different digital asset trading options in a global market worth over $200 billion. Current market experts forecast the global bitcoin payment processor industry will reach a $630 million USD valuation by 2025. As per the reports, the annual growth rate between 2020 and 2025 will be around 23.4%. Impressive figures aside, there are several reasons for this huge escalation of crypto payment processor technology.

Cryptocurrency Payment Processor

There are several functional crypto payment gateways in the market. There are differences- starting from accepted digital asset options to services and features. Bitcoin payment processing has been popular for some time. But, options like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin are quickly catching up. This article will highlight what the market leaders in this segment have to offer and how they fare against each other. And without further ado, let’s start.

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Listing The Best Fiat To Crypto Payment Processors


Well-received all over the world, Billbitcoins is a product of HashCash Consultants, a US-based blockchain development frontrunner. As a bitcoin payment processor, it has an edge in security and ease of transaction. The decentralized network fast-tracks transactions at a fraction of conventional banking charges- with zero chargebacks. 1 percent transaction fee is levied for processing charges with a daily limit of $10000 for business accounts. 

Billbitcoins also includes a free version with a $100 daily limit(upgradable to $1000 on document verification). The application sends received Bitcoin payments directly into merchant bank accounts. The platform API features 20 eCommerce plugins, click/scan to pay URI/QR, cross wallet compatibility, smartphone compatibility, and several other features. 

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An established player in the crypto payment processor segment, NOWPayments accepts different asset classes. In fact, merchants can accept payments in over a hundred cryptocurrencies using NOWPayments, thanks to its handy API and highly responsive crypto plugins. 

The payment processor features non-custodial easy-to-use gateway solutions, and with lower transaction fees. The PoS-enabled NOWPayments processor has been operational since 2019. Presently, users can avail themselves of facilities like fiat conversion and mass payment options. Compatible with popular eCommerce CMS sites like WooCommerce, the maximum chargeable fee is 1 percent- a 0.5% percent auto exchange included  (if required).


Few options come close to Bitpay in terms of reliability. In existence since 2011, Bitpay is actually one of the oldest functioning Bitcoin payment processors. While transaction charges are a bit high starting at 1%, Bitpay also provides Bitpay Debit Cards, along with open-source eCommerce plugins at the payment gateway for ease of use. 

Bitpay’s API-centric platform is highly interactive for users. With high-security 2FA, the payment processor has multiple user options and support in over 40 languages worldwide. Prevalent in the US, UK, Germany, Bitpay is a trusted partner for renowned global organizations like  Amazon and MasterCard.


CoinPayments provide the largest number of cryptocurrency payment options. Users can make online purchase payments from a list of 1860 cryptocurrencies. Combined with one of the lowest processing fees at 0.5 percent, it is easy to see why the crypto payment processor is a popular choice worldwide. 

The crypto payment processor has an easy-to-use platform for transactions with several shopping plugins. The CoinPayments gateway is compatible with most of these plugins through interactive API. Business users can also store their sales revenue within secure crypto wallets- which can store 2055 different types of virtual assets.


Coinbase is a widely-used crypto payment processor running on Bitcoins. In fact, it is a popular choice for business transactions among business merchants. The app works flawlessly and facilitates instant sending or receiving of crypto. 

Coinbase has a quick crypto-to-fiat conversion rate making it a highly secure choice against market volatility. Compatible with most of the popular eCommerce platforms, the bitcoin payment processor charges a flat fee in addition to a 0.5 percent commission. Coinbase is most popular in Italy, Spain, Holland, and other European countries.

Why Do You Need a Bitcoin Payment Processor?

With the current exponential growth of cryptocurrency, a crypto payment processor gives the necessary competitive advantage in cut-throat modern businesses. Internet and associated technologies made the entire world accessible within handheld smartphones. With free trade markets, it is necessary to cut down on extra processing costs for maximizing revenue and subsequent profits. With much lower transaction fees, a Bitcoin payment processor gives merchants an option to make or receive BTC payments- opening the door for more business opportunities. 

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