PayBito’s Global Real Estate Exchange

  • December 21, 2020
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito’s Global Real Estate Exchange

The leading USA-based global cryptocurrency exchange and enterprise, PayBito presents it’s cutting-edge and scalable blockchain real estate exchange divulging plans of collaborations with global leaders within the property sector. 

PayBito plans to deploy systems that would improve and streamline the legacy infrastructure of real estate trading. Moreover, expand the investment opportunities through property tokenization. 

“The convergence of real estate and blockchain neutralizes the legacy constraints in the system that when leveraged by the global players within the property industry will increase the opportunities for institutional and individual investment”, commented Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito. 

PayBito’s Blockchain-Based Real Estate Exchange 

PayBito’s real estate exchange built over blockchain technology aims to create a decentralized marketplace for property assets, through the facilitation of seamless trade and the expansion of investment opportunities for global investors. Therefore, the aforementioned blockchain platform will allow the tokenization of real estate assets through a fractional division of property. Thereafter, tokenizing them. 

Final Words

The idea of fractional or shared ownership of real estate brings down the capital barrier for investors. The buying and selling of the property tokens will take place over a scalable real estate exchange. Thus, mimicking the operations of a crypto exchange.  Blockchain being the underlying technology will fortify the infrastructure with transparency, efficiency, immutability, enhanced security, and increased accessibility. 


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