PayBito Builds Crypto Exchange Technology for Forex Broker Firm

  • August 24, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

PayBito intends to proffer their unparalleled crypto exchange technology to Forex Broker firm based in Bangkok by the end of this year.

Globally renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform PayBito ties up with Bangkok-based Forex Broker firm to facilitate users with their Forex-integrated crypto exchange technology. As per the announcement of this brand new partnership, PayBito is to impart their Exchange Technology to that particular firm. 

A widely known fact about PayBito’s digital asset exchange technology is its uninterrupted inclusion of the Forex counterpart that elevates its demand in the market and makes it especially lucrative to the Forex broker firms. This new venture undertaken by PayBito is set to get going in early September. 

Commenting on the new partnership project, the CEO of PayBito, Raj Chowdhury explains, “PayBito exchange solution houses an in-built Forex counterpart which renders it rather useful to Forex broker firms.” He continues, “A large number of Forex broker firms have already integrated working crypto exchanges as an alternative payment option or a parallel investment strategy.”

The efficient crypto exchange solution provided by PayBito is highly successful and popular across five continents and has been gaining acclamation rather expeditiously among multiple Forex broker firms over the years. PayBito’s highly coveted exchange technology is FIX compliant and comes with a high degree of scalability. The exchange solution commanded by PayBito methodically invokes the latest security protocols that are fully proven to be capable of handling any concerns related to latency and connectivity issues.

PayBito has recently affirmed that they are aiming at enlisting a minimum of five altcoins by the end of this year i.e. 2021. There is a surge of rising demand for their ‘crypto bank’ solutions due to their ingenious technology and user-friendly operation guidelines, as corroborated by PayBito CEO, R. Chowdhury, himself. 

“PayBito implements cutting-edge technology to simplify two exceedingly important financial transactions. Its performance, post-deployment, is responsible for the rise in popularity and adoption of the technology,” annotated Chowdhury.

PayBito’s exchange technology team works resolutely in building their design with meticulous attention to minute details. They provide their worldwide clientele with easy and seamless upgrades in their modules with the latest editions in no time.


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