PayBitoPro custody attracts Western institutions

  • May 24, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro custody attracts Western institutions

Uprising of crypto and adoption of cryptocurrency by organizations and institutional investors have resulted in a demand for a secure storage space for bult crypto. This necessitated the invention of crypto custody solutions. 

Crypto custody solutions are such storage devices with capacities to store cryptocurrency in large volumes. These are mainly used by organizations stowing the bulk of their digital currency investments. 

PayBitoPro in News

With crypto gaining traction in the investment market, enterprises in the Americas and Europe are seeking reliable custody service for the storage of their digital asset portfolio.

Global digital assets exchange PayBitoPro experience an outpour of institutional investors who seek crypto custody for the safekeeping of their virtual assets.

PayBitoPro offers institutional-grade crypto custodial services that gurantee secure storage of the bulk crypto from organizational investments. The globally acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange allows enterprises the platform to store large amount of crypto on a platform that implements leading technology supporting security and processes in the custody space. PayBitoPro is also a renowned brand with the expertise to operate a fully compliant custody service. Therefore, the efforts resulted in a growing number of investors from the Europe and Americas.

CEO Speaks

“Security and privacy are legitimate concerns in the digital assets sector,” remarked Raj Chowdhury, Blockchain pioneer and CEO of PayBitoPro.

“Our solutions check all security parameters within an updated ecosystem to secure the digital assets entrusted to us.”

Supported by a sophisticated infrastructure laying the foundation of its platform, PayBitoPro Custody facilitates easy and convenient crypto-transactions besides the secure storage of crypto assets. Thereafter, the package also entails a qualified cold wallet service which comes with a  high level of security. It also includes a comprehensive authentication process, MultiSig for withdrawal requests, multi-party computation technology and FIPS 140-2 compliant hardware security modules, among others. 

Recent Developments

PayBitoPro has often witnessed surges in new users in the past and it consistently upgrades its technology and interfaces for the benefit of the users. Therefore, the exchange underwent an upgrade in its asset list earlier this year. The team behind PayBitoPro has exhibited efficiency in project deliveries both offsite and onsite, earning accolades from all quarters. They are now widening their horizon by working on newer protocols and ecosystems. “The development team driving PayBitoPro’s success is focussed on expanding the DeFi products and Crypto bank services of PayBitoPro,” added Chowdhury.

The crypto exchange has recently announced a new project delivering a gaming exchange on an Avalanche platform. PayBitoPro products are currently available on a 50% discount for a limited period. The company is soon to float SaaS trading solution for crypto brokers.

In conclusion

PayBitoPro’s custody solution is a package of trust, security, agility and efficiency. PayBitoPro demonstrates the history of consistent performance gains recognition worldwide by global market research agencies. Thereafter, awarding it high ratings and top rankings. The organization pursues excellence through innovation and inclusion.


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