PayBitoPro wallet adds utility functions

  • September 2, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro wallet adds utility functions

Worldwide digital assets exchange platform PayBitoPro announces updates in its existing Digital Wallet services. The updates will incorporate several functionalities in line with increasing features offered by the top-performing digital assets. 

Digital Wallet

Digital wallets applications, in a way, function similar to physical wallets. They store user funds and can be used to make payments. Users can customize and select their preferred payment channel. In the beginning, digital wallets were just instruments for payment. With technological progress, they can also transform into digital replacements of transport tickets, boarding and other passes. 

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

There is a growing global demand for crypto wallets providing additional services rather than mere safekeeping of cryptocurrency, with over 100 functional crypto wallets worldwide. The cryptocurrency domain is witnessing rapid advancements in between fragmented blockchain networks and virtual assets. The asset classes have been further divided into cryptocurrency, DeFi, and NFTs; and each one tries to one-up the other.

PayBitoPro CEO and blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury explains, “Any attempt to study the drift in the blockchain and crypto space typically returns the exponential growth of innovation on the implementation layers: each feuding against the other.” 

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PayBitoPro Digital Wallet Upcoming Features

Chowdhury continues, “The rising activity and proliferation of blockchain-based applications are sure to result in soaring demand for an enhanced digital wallet circumscribing more functionalities than before”.

To keep up with the alarming rise in cryptocurrency options, the PayBitoPro management has confirmed a series of updates in the upcoming version of their digital wallets, including:

(i) Payment framework options before going into regulated networks:
Boosting security, this feature will also focus on digital identity along with KYC requirements. 

(ii) User ID and Confidentiality Protection:
The Digital Wallet will simultaneously aim involvement upcoming networks that keep user identities concealed- upholding privacy and confidentiality.

(iii) Allow users to switch between framework choices:
The PayBitoPro Digital Wallet will allow users to switch and choose a payment framework that serves the best of their interests.

“However, when the steam surrounding the competing blockchain innovations subsides, chances are that cryptocurrency wallet may turn into the next battlefront in the crypto-sphere, as they are the traditional containers of asset classes in this sector,” Chowdhury concludes.


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