Trading platform and Cryptocurrency exchange PayBito make way for improved cryptocurrency trading, thereby stimulating capacities by updating their Financial Information eXchange. Maintaining the FIX protocol version 4.4. plus contributing FIX API to businesspeople completely, PayBito achieves a breakthrough by renewing its platform of Financial Information eXchange. The updated platform will empower brokers to facilitate their tradesmen to get admittance to easy and secure crypto trading.

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Define FIX

FIX implies an automated trading order that appears to remain acknowledged globally. Various financial professionals like banks, exchanges, brokers, managers, and others worked collaboratively to develop this platform. It has been created especially regarding the real-time alteration of important measures of business information within business contributors. Being a leading trade protocol, FIX appears to be essential to several trading and order management operations.

PayBito’s Financial Information eXchange 

The Financial Information eXchange of PayBito works according to the FIX protocol 4.4. It appears to be steadfast, secure, and remarkably stable. It facilitates businesspeople to obtain market data, compares with other market platforms, and help position orders by employing the exchanging software.

From The Managing Director’s Desk

In an informative gathering with the communications about the ascent of FIX eXchange, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito, stated, “The tremendous progress of PayBito’s brokerage app has motivated us to do things easier for cryptocurrency brokers and businesspeople. PayBito updates its FIX exchange and brokers can compare their tools to the businesses in a further easy manner. They can grow their customers and partner with diverse agents by using a customized platform or app to heighten their speculations of exchanging in a further secure way.”

Advantages of PayBito’s FIX Exchange

PayBito’s Financial Information eXchange is extremely advantageous for Institutional partners/investors, Crypto traders and corporations, Cryptocurrency exchange organizations, Financial Brokers, Hedge funds and asset managers, Research companies as well as Rating agencies. 

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Wrapping Up

Proffering FIX API to every institutional trader, PayBito assists in managing things for brokers and traders. Due to the safety and scalability of the exchange, merchants can undeviatingly operate on the algorithms on their devices rather than operating it out on a business platform, hence protecting all the necessary data securely.


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