PayBito Finds Use In Increased Interest Among Forex Derivative Trading Firms

  • August 30, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

Internationally renowned cryptocurrency exchange, PayBito receives a noteworthy increase in the number of trading applications from Forex Derivative broker firms. This remarkable surge of interest appears to be staggering in Australia followed by the US and UK.

As a result of the unequaled liquidity and intense competition in the forex industry, trading currencies allow a trader to take make use of a specific list of the other derived instruments which utilize currencies as the underlying asset.

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Here is a list of derivatives used by the financial instruments to derive their values from forex rates:

(i) Currency Futures
(ii) Currency Options, both Vanilla and Exotics
(iii) Currency Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs
(vi) Forex Contracts for Difference or CFDs
(v) Forwards
(vi) Currency Interest Rate Swaps
(vii) Spot trades

Positions related to Forex can be achieved by employing these derivative instruments on their own as well as in unique combinations.

Two of the forex derivatives mentioned in the list above are frequently traded on exchanges. They are also made accessible to numerous individual forex traders, including currency futures and options.

“The architecture of the PayBito exchange is conducive to derivative trading and offers an attractive opportunity in the sector,” according to Raj Chowdhury, CEO, PayBito.

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PayBito’s crypto exchange platform contains a Forex equivalent which is beneficial for Forex derivatives traders. They can easily avail themselves of it to reach out to a new group of clients with greater purchasing capacity.

“Here we offer a solution as an alternate payment option which presents the firms with a greatly profitable investment opportunity, allowing a larger number of users,” concludes Chowdhury.

PayBito’s highly coveted exchange solution has already made its mark in the area of real estate and commodity exchange. The efficacy displayed by this Forex-integrated version proffers a cost-effective opportunity to the Forex derivative trader firms.


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