PayBitoPro: Top INR-Supported Crypto Exchange

  • October 23, 2020
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro: Top INR-Supported Crypto Exchange

The global cryptocurrency exchange PayBitoPro has been acknowledged by the  Indian digital assets industry, as the leading exchange to offer the most seamless INR support and compatibility with instant withdrawals and deposits devoid of any issues. PayBitoPro’s user-friendly interface combined with the simplistic processes has generated positive feedback from the users, resulting in consistently high traffic along with regular surges in trading volume.

PayBitoPro CEO Speaks

Speaking about PayBitoPro’s plans in India, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBitoPro, mentioned, his team is striving to provide the traders with a fulfilling trading experience, with a good INR support, which is integral to a smooth trading process. Moreover, t has made trading easier and accessible to the users giving a boost to the emerging cryptocurrency market.

He further adds, “To enhance the user’s trading experience PayBitoPro has been continually upgrading the features. Thereby, introducing new attributes as well. We aim to drive the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in India and around the world through our efforts.”

PayBitoPro was one of the first exchanges with a global presence to launch trading activities in India as early as 2016. They start their operations earlier this year, after Supreme court outright the ban on crypto trading. They introduced INR currency support for deposits and withdrawals, along with multiple advanced trading features. Apart from that, they provide access to a global order book. Thereafter, with the promise of the best cryptocurrency prices, owing to which they truly stand out from the others.

In Conclusion

PayBitoPro has an impressive portfolio of digital assets and they offer the lowest transaction fees among Indian exchanges. The top notch wallet security by cryptographic encryptions and multi-signature features. At the moment the trading platform focuses on adding more assets. Moreover, utility tokens to the platform enabling the traders to diversify their portfolio.


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