PayBitoPro Sees Surge in Crypto Banking Demand

  • July 28, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Sees Surge in Crypto Banking Demand

PayBitoPro offers its native crypto banking solutions that helps in real-world financial service applications of cryptocurrency. The US-based crypto exchange platform, PayBitoPro has made quite a reputation through the global crypto community market. PayBitoPro receives huge exposure for its innovative crypto banking solutions powered by Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Why Is PayBitoPro High In Demand For Its Crypto Banking Solutions?

PayBitoPro’s Crypto Banking Solutions consist of conventional banking features powered by blockchain architecture and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the features of the product include crypto custodial solutions, the option to open multiple accounts, and lending based on crypto collateralization. Crypto assets like USD, INR, AED, and SGD are available for PayBitoPro users.

Users can avail of the exchange from any device, with full transparency and control over their assets. Thereafter, the platform also provides its customers with a choice and choose the cryptocurrency in which they want to receive their interest amounts. Moreover, the latest security updates compel customers to the global exchange platform.

CEO Speaks

Blockchain pioneer and CEO of PayBitoPro, Mr. Raj Chowdhury states, “Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the upcoming platform standard for all financial services including banking. PayBitoPro’s Crypto Banking solution bridges the gap closer within the existing architecture, proving to be invaluable, especially across regions with poor banking infrastructure.”

Features That Attract Customers Towards PayBitoPro

Many institutional investors planning to venture into their crypto trading platform often take hold of PayBitoPro’s white-label crypto exchange solutions. Similarly, PayBitoPro offers stock equity, gaming exchanges, real estate, forex, etc. Thereafter, the underpinned blockchain technology provides security to the exchange and keeps any outsider with malevolent intent at bay. Moreover, the exchange has made recent advancements reaching asset listing to forty-one cryptocurrencies.

“Technical innovations have always been the driving factors behind progress. Cryptocurrencies usher in a revolution across global financial infrastructures across the world, propelled by trust and transparency,” concluded Chowdhury.

Wrapping Up

Today, there are 300 million crypto owners, which galvanizes us to believe in the growing crypto adoption. Moreover, crypto-powered solutions will help to enhance the growth of digital assets and promote global financial inclusion.


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