PayBito’s offers White Label for Middle East Banking

  • March 31, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito’s offers White Label for Middle East Banking

PayBito, a US-based global cryptocurrency exchange, continues to gain traction in the UAE and the MENA region. Therefore, the organization entered into a collaborative agreement with a major banking corporation in Dubai where it will be offering its comprehensive white-label crypto exchange architecture.

UAE and MENA: Global Crypto Hotspots

The rapid expansion of the global crypto industry has led banks, financial institutions as well as national governments to take notice. The existing market capitalization is approximately $1.781 trillion with 24-hour trade volumes standing at $155 billion. The United Arab Emirates is seeking to capitalize on the global rise by putting forth legal regulatory frameworks and federal licenses to aggravate the growth of the nation’s rising crypto and blockchain industry. The nation has also issued free zone permits with reduced taxation for valid enterprises in this sector. 

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CEO Speak

Noted blockchain pioneer and PayBito Chief Raj Chowdhury has appreciated the Middle East’s framework and regulations surrounding the crypto industry. He states, “There is a consistent buzz in global crypto communities regarding the astounding progress of blockchain, virtual assets, and fintech sectors in the Middle East. The ruling governments are taking conducive measures to validate the emerging virtual economy. While effectively standing out as global hotspots for blockchain and crypto development.”  

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PayBito: A Frontrunner in Crypto Innovation

“The proficiency in delivering extensive white-label crypto platforms helps PayBito establish collaborations and partnerships with global institutions specializing in banking and finance,” says Chowdhury in regard to PayBIto’s latest involvement in the Middle East. 

The firm’s long-term commitment to delivering innovative solutions that exceed client expectations has helped in its quick ascend to the top. PayBito is renowned for its integrated Forex-Crypto technology leading to an unmatched trading experience. The digital assets exchange also offers the best benchmarks in crypto security with exemplary performance. Moreover, around-the-clock customer support in multiple languages. 

The company’s flagship white label architecture features cutting-edge blockchain technology with the latest security benchmarks. Features include 3-Point Architecture, SegWit, 2FA, BIP 32, Firebase, ERC20 compliance, database encryption, multi-signature wallets, KYC, and more. The exchange is compatible across multiple platforms. PayBito added 23 new crypto tokens and has 3 upcoming DeFi products, totaling 41 present asset listings.

Wrapping Up

PayBito’s latest involvement with the banking MNC in Dubai is an indicator of the increasing global relevance of cryptocurrencies. Financial institutions all around the world are using white-label crypto exchange solutions. Thereafter, to leverage the best business growth opportunities from virtual assets. 


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