PayBito’s White Label Crypto Exchange Now Available for Free Trial

  • September 8, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore

As the international crypto market flourishes, the search for upgraded technology becomes essential for keeping up with the evolving requirements of Crypto buyers and sellers. The need for change is nigh impossible to avoid in the field of crypto investment and management as well. The White Label Crypto Exchange brings in the solution to all rising market demands and stipulations at your fingertips. By using this tool you can get ahead in the crypto world where the growth of crypto trading occurs.

What is White Label Crypto Exchange About?

The advent of blockchain technology has made tokenizing every item we own into a virtual asset viable. This is where the white label crypto exchange platform works best. It is created by global blockchain development companies to let global crypto traders and investors attain more successful opportunities in the digital asset exchange domain. It is equipped with a stellar functionality by which users can transact or hold Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, altcoins, and many other digital currencies, security tokens, and assets in exchanges of fiat or cryptos with ease in a hack-free environment. Business owners across industries, use this customizable crypto exchange solution to elevate their enterprises in a single attempt. The companies not using this liquidity-ready solution run the risk of lagging behind the evolving global crypto market. 

The White Label Crypto Platform makes everything about virtual asset transaction and networking easy for its users. It is integrated with powerful AIs, peer-to-peer crypto exchange or peer-to-Admin exchange capacity, user-friendly UI, centralized exchange, and front-end built to include client’s authentication index such as name, logo, ID, etc. It works for brokerage firms, liquidity providers, and exchange operators, OTC Desks, Security Token Offering Providers, and Automated Market Makers. The flexible crypto exchange platform dexterously tends to the needs of the users while making sure to safeguard client information and currency transaction details through its quick on the trigger security tools.

It also comes with trading facilities such as margin, P2P, derivative, up keeping client dashboard, easy order placement, and constant Cryptocurrency monitoring. The White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform entails user-friendly UI/UX designs, order management systems, liquidity provision mechanism, and engine creation coordination while maintaining strict surveillance over the implementation of each function. 

Why Choose PayBito White Label Crypto Exchange Platform

PayBito is highly-coveted worldwide for its brilliant performance in the crypto exchange domains. The main goal behind its services is to upgrade the crypto customer experience. The operational adaptability of this platform helps educate customers about the vastness of crypto trading styles and opportunities with its resourceful technology. PayBito offers a ready-to-use White Label Crypto Exchange Platform that allows global businesses to leverage their crypto identity and enhance business opportunities in one click. 

PayBito brings digital asset trade with multi-currency support with easy-to-use facilities in its White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. With a premium ready-to-launch service, the exchange solution offers a multi-signature trading platform that’s SegWit enabled and underpins all major fiat currencies globally, such as US Dollars, Euro, and others. Its efficient security tools defend clients from hacker intrusion and asset larceny. The flexible architecture of this platform allows easy addition and deletion of cryptocurrencies. It utilizes a 3-point architecture and DB encryption, enables multi-signature cold wallet, and ascertains hot wallet encryption.

Other than these, PayBito includes more alluring facilities in its exchange architecture. The most outstanding of those specifications comprise multi-currency support including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, HCX, and ERC20 tokens, and tailoring of the platform as per user necessities. It allows currencies to be added or removed effortlessly. In addition to its crypto flexibility, it allows users to regulate geography-specific KYC and AML supervision for compliance. Its stellar architecture offers multiple features such as SegWit, BIP-32, and Firebase among plenty others. The platform operation is quick and easy while being more cost-effective than other crypto exchange platforms in the market. It comes with an architectural malleability to match the engine and is available for users of iOS, and Android, and Web versions.

PayBito White Label Crypto Exchange Platform Distinguished Features

PayBito White Label Crypto Exchange Platform is straightforward and versatile. The crypto tools required to minimize the client’s efforts are served on the admin panel enabling ease of access. The dashboard is set up to make the Buy-Sell Transactions, Send Receive Transactions, and other details intelligible. This exchange platform provides real-time details of the sender, timestamp, transaction description, amount, and transaction id in the send/receive tab. All the specifics related to transaction ids, sender details are stored in the view send/receive tab. You’re one click away from viewing the running exchanges and the transactions in BTC for the past week, month, and quarter, all in one place.

The white label cryptocurrency exchange platform solves all your online investment problems with one log-in. The matching engine with an order book system delivers a match and contacts buyers and sellers. PayBito provides a customer management structure that organizes detailed and accurate data on every customer for the client. Along with it, the document management system omits the need for paper and receives, stores, tracks, and manages all the data for you, reducing fear of displacement or misuse. A system for KYC/ verification is added to ascertain the user’s authenticity. It also brings a wallet management system to the table for handling customer transactions and expenses through a digital wallet created by the customer. The crypto tool kit offers users to manage the workflow via the admin console granting them direct access to observe the billing, removing, guiding, and adding a member.  With its highly efficient UI/UX Branding, customer analysis, content development, research, and strategy formation are made easy. The ERC20 compatible block confirmation tracking lets you closely note the real-time status of the blocks you are interested in.

Extra Features

Along with the lucrative features mentioned above, PayBito White Label Crypto Exchange Platform takes up the painstaking task of handling the pending transactions so you don’t have to break a sweat. It is SegWit enabled for Bitcoin which aids in pushing the block size limit in blockchain, generally by deletion of signature data from Bitcoin transactions. The well-developed architecture further allows logical computing like modulating user interface as well as business logic and data storage layers. In addition to crypto liquidity, there are firebase, firewall implementation, and KYC verification that is geographically specific. The Client App Dashboard generates a seamless atmosphere for auditing cryptocurrency exchange information and displays current balance, instant buying and selling price, balance withdrawal and loading, and crypto trends in the last week, month, and up to 3 months respectively.

PayBito Recent Developments

A leading White Label Crypto Exchange platform, Paybito excels in digital trading performance worldwide. Some of its current advancements include extending its services to Bangkok-based forex broker firms, US-based businesses, added DeFi features with seamless integration and robust adaptability to global enterprises. PayBito development team is working towards upgrading its wallet structure in order to diversify its present digital asset offerings by incorporating a wide range of new functionalities.

In Conclusion

PayBito’s White Label Crypto Exchange Platform features a malleable architecture empowering users with custom-tailored machine compatibility and cost-effectiveness. It caters to the needs of the client and is not time-consuming. The exchange solution is available for a demo trial with no additional charges. It is completely free of cost and trouble.


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