PayBitoPro Partners Swedish Exchange for Algo Trading

  • August 29, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Partners Swedish Exchange for Algo Trading

PayBitoPro has been a frontrunner in delivering innovation. it has been invariably making headlines across the worldwide crypto industry ratifying trust, collaboration, and transparency. The US-based digital asset exchange magnified its presence in Europe by offering its innovative solutions in algorithm trading to a Sweden financial firm investing in crypto trading services.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is a technology-based strategy that relies on decision-making established on pre-programmed rules. The investors or traders who are participating write codes to perform trades on their behalf after reaching predetermined circumstances. Trading bots and their subordination with code-centric decision-making has several benefits such as ‘impact minimization’, which is beneficial in the volatile crypto community market. The trading bot feature of PayBitoPro comprises sell-side and buy-side options.

CEO Speaks

Blockchain pioneer and Chief of PayBitoPro, Mr. Raj Chowdhury asserts, “The global rise in crypto ownership is also prevalent in Sweden. Algorithmic trading solutions will further accelerate the pace of adoption enabling crypto investors to maximize gains and leverage higher returns.”

Sweden is a well-known example of a cashless society. Therefore, the country is preparing for the wide-scale adoption of CBDC (Central bank digital currency). Blockchain technology, the underlying architecture of cryptocurrency has fascinated several countries including the European nation. Thereafter, Europe has already implemented the technology in land registration and real estate transactions.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are propelling the digital transformation across the global financial system,” quoted Chowdhury. Moreover, he has previously expressed his support for blockchain analytics, and bot trading in the crypto industry.

PayBitoPro offers its white-label expertise and solutions to institutional investors who venture into the cryptography business around the world, including Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and more. Recently, PayBitoPro has updated its global crypto broker program. Moreover, it has been recognized as the leading white-label crypto exchange provider by a tech research firm.

Wrapping up

Trading bots are gaining popularity across the global crypto ecosystem. Institutional investors and enterprises are using algorithmic trading. Therefore, this can help them to develop the utmost asset growth in the unstable crypto market with accuracy.


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