The leading crypto trading platform PayBito has recently upgraded exchange and augmented it with a host of innovative features for superior user experience. The inclusions comprise an advanced global order book for the users to benefit from direct market access so that they are able to avail the best crypto prices in comparison to other global exchanges.

“Mainstream use and adoption of cryptocurrency are what PayBito aims for. The trading platform is upgraded regularly for glitch-free and seamless performance. We have an experienced team of industry veterans that ensures the users have the most fulfilling trading experience, along with easy accessibility to a varied range of assets, simple onboarding, trading process, and a secure infrastructure”, commented Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director, PayBito.

PayBito boasts of an agile and intuitive trading platform which ensures secure and seamless trading of cryptocurrencies. Its lucrative offerings of the lowest transaction fees, industry-best prices, along with an extensive portfolio of digital assets has rightfully earned the USA-based exchange the global repute of being one of the top trading platforms.

The direct market access attribute by PayBito is enabled by an intuitive and scalable global order book. It allows the users to trade against an accrued global order book with listing across major exchanges world. The feature ensures the trader gets the best price at all times, including access to liquidity. Direct market access is powered by advanced crypto trading technology facilitating seamless institutional asset management. The global order book is managed and maintained by a professional grade-point and click trading functions, enabling one to trade across several asset pairs simultaneously.

The prime attributes of the feature include:

1. A customizable interface that allows the trader to personalize the layout by using modular widgets (news, charts, quotes, positions, etc.)
2. A smart order routing so that the trader gets the best bid every time
3. Advanced charting tools along with the promise of limitless trading
4. Lower latency guaranteed as against other exchanges so that a trader never misses out on orders

PayBito has been rapidly growing its influence across geographies, notably in UAE and India. As per a company spokesperson, the exchange is working on expanding its asset portfolio with new coin listings; focussing on emerging and one-of-a-kind utility coins.


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