PayBitoPro Enters Japan, Offers Crypto Banking

  • August 9, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro Enters Japan, Offers Crypto Banking

PayBitoPro makes a foray into the burgeoning Japanese crypto ecosystem, offering its native crypto banking solution to a major Japanese institution. The debut comes at a time when there is considerable momentum towards the reduction of individual crypto taxes in the land of the rising sun.

PayBitoPro Crypto Bank

A flagship product from PayBitoPro, the crypto bank combines the features of traditional banking systems with digital assets. Participants can open multiple accounts(Savings or Current), earn attractive yield interests, and more. There are options for crypto custodial services for investors. Users can also avail themselves of crypto-collateralized loans, with BTC as the collateral. Currently, available fiat options include currencies such as AED, USD, SGD, and INR. 

CEO Quote

PayBitoPro Chief and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury quotes, “The upcoming digital age is all about innovations in the field of financial inclusion and equality. PayBitoPro’s crypto banking platform is designed to facilitate the use of digital assets in a conventional banking context. This will be particularly beneficial in areas with poor banking infrastructure.”

Japan Crypto Taxation Reforms

Japan Crypto Asset Business Association(JCBA) and Japan Crypto Asset Exchange Association(JVCEA) are the most recognized proponents of crypto adoption in Japan. The groups have together put forward a proposition to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Japan asking for reforms in the form of tax reductions for individual investors in digital assets. The proposed recommendation suggests 20% separate taxation and a range period of 3 years to carry forward losses. 

“Naturally, high tax slabs detract retail crypto investors, pushing back the mass adoption of digital assets. Regulatory framework to ensure compliance on the other hand is beneficial in the long run,” mentioned Chowdhury. Moreover, he previously stressed the significance of blockchain analytics and active association for the sustainable development of the crypto ecosphere. 

Wrapping Up

Rising utility across multiple sectors including cross-border payment transactions is pushing crypto into the mainstream. Almost 58% of the world’s top MNCs in a recent survey acknowledged using at least one type of crypto. Moreover, institutions can leverage huge business growth and revenue opportunities from digital asset adoption. 


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