PayBito Witnesses Record number of New Broker Registrations

  • March 15, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito Witnesses Record number of New Broker Registrations

Leading Crypto exchange and trading platform PayBito experiences a sharp rise in the number of broker registrations. With more than 100 broker registration and counting, PayBito currently rushes through an all-time high. The rise in demand for PayBito’s brokerage program and in transaction volume has led the management to upgrade their facility to better handle the pressures. 

PayBito’s Brokerage Application

The PayBito management has ensured uninterrupted connectivity among exchanges through Paybito’s brokerage application. It is to cope with the sharp rise in trading. The FIX protocol 4.4 enables brokerage organizations to get market insights, thus, facilitating potent traders and clients to interact with PayBito to start trading activities.

Responding to this sudden surge in activity, Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director of PayBito, commented, “The increase in broker registrations leads PayBito to bring forth advanced and innovative features to its brokerage application. Aiming to additionally blur the lines within asset classes, PayBito’s brokerage application allows users to seamlessly trade with crypto, thereby empowering brokers to directly access the trading benefits for their customers.”

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The new investors are certainly in for a profitable deal, with the latest upgrades in PayBito’s brokerage application. PayBito aims to achieve uninterrupted connectivity and minimal latency. This is to assure the investors of utmost privacy of their information and security for their assets. Additionally, PayBito provides its clients with FIX-compliant broker applications, crypto banking services, and industry-leading custody solutions. 

PayBito is a name to reckon with. It is because of successful collaborations with numerous tie-ups and agile and scalable products and services in operation. Recently, the trading exchange has revealed its intentions of partnering with industry leaders in the real estate sector. Overall things are looking up for PayBito. It promises to continue providing friction-less crypto trading for all levels of investors.

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