PayBito Franchise Draws North America and Middle East

  • March 7, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBito Franchise Draws North America and Middle East

For years PayBito has had its footprints concentrated in the US. With time it acquired clientele across 26 countries and counting, where it provided white label cryptocurrency exchange software and wallet services. However, here we’re talking about the franchise program floated by PayBito. 

Global digital asset exchange PayBito declares a steep rise in applications of its franchise program. The program has a high on popularity charts and is presently attracting crowds mainly from North America and the Middle East, according to reports.

While PayBito had already enjoyed its prominence in the US crypto market, the Middle East is a recently acquired ground. The company spokespersons attribute this response to consecutive projects delivered by the PayBito team in the region.  

“The news hit us at a time when part of our team is working on a deployment in the UAE,” confirmed Raj Chowdhury. 

PayBito Franchise Program

PayBito franchise program offers a revenue sharing of 50% of the commissions earned from trading fees for each user registered on PayBito from the franchisee website. This, alongside a series of support features, enables the franchisee to gain an edge in the crypto space.

“It’s encouraging to have takers for the franchise program,” remarked Chowdhury. “It is a reflection of the growth and outreach of the cryptocurrency sphere, awakening interest in the masses.”

The franchise program empowers individuals to develop knowledge of cryptocurrency functioning while imparting entrepreneurship skills in this sector.

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Recent in PayBito

PayBito has lately reported surging demands for its custodial service. It has also announced prospects of three IEO projects to be hosted by the end of the first quarter of this financial year. It has reported listing 23 new coins earlier this year.

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Wrapping up

The franchise program by PayBito takes a symbiotic approach inviting individuals and enterprises an opportunity to thrive in the crypto sector. PayBito keeps its promise of providing adequate support to accomplish the same.

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