Potential Impact of AI on the Cryptocurrency Market

  • October 20, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
Potential Impact of AI on the Cryptocurrency Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. AI can teach machines to act, think, and learn just like humans would. AI is of many types such as weak AI, strong AI, and super AI. Weak AI is designed and trained for specific tasks. For example, Siri, Alexa, and IBM are weak AI. Therefore, strong AI works more like a human brain and is commonly called artificial general intelligence. It can perform unfamiliar tasks and commands. For example, speech recognition, visual perception, and decision-making. Super AI can go beyond excellence in human intelligence and ability. For example, it can solve the toughest Mathematics problems, and deal with complicated medical research.

Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will optimize the crypto trading process. It can offer tools to simplify the mining process. It may also improve the crypto security. Blockchain technology is known to be secure and lead to better implementation of forecasting. Therefore, a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology can lead to improving technologies for detecting malicious activities. Hence, can also prevent crimes in the crypto space.

Impact of AI on Cryptomarket

The impact of AI on the crypto market is mostly expected to be positive. The crypto market today depends on many external factors such as market prediction, availability of security solutions, and mining development. 

Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence will help in optimizing business activities with the help of market analysis. People often do not know how to analyze the existing marketing sentiment and make wrong decisions. AI can minimize such wrong decisions. This, in turn, may reduce the percentage of losing trades. Therefore, it may help crypto investors to accurately predict prices based on the available data. 

Better Market Predictions

Cryptocurrencies need good market prediction tools to boost investor confidence. Fortunately, only Artificial Intelligence and algorithms can ensure that it is possible to predict markets more accurately than before. Crypto investing is based on fundamental and technical analysis. It may help in market movement direction. Artificial Intelligence can analyze large amounts of market data faster than the current market analysis tools. The data may include forums, news, and reports. 

Smart Contracts Development

Blockchain technology has a feature of smart contracts. Different people program smart contracts. These help in faster transactions. However, smart contracts have some limitations. Artificial intelligence has the potential to address these limitations which are often caused by bugs. Thus, it can also test smart contracts for verification purposes. For example, AI can also help in automated troubleshooting and lead to better root cause analysis.

Improve Crypto Mining

Mining is one of the most crucial activities related to cryptocurrencies. It is necessary to mine new blocks on a blockchain network. The process is common to many cryptocurrencies on the market today. Currently, it is costly to maintain hardware and technological equipment to mine cryptocurrencies. However, the application of AI can minimize the consumption of resources of videos. It may increase the speed of mining by optimizing computational models and algorithms. 

Improve Investment Activities

Artificial intelligence may boost investor confidence in cryptocurrency. In any form of investment, it is necessary to have an ideal trading strategy. Therefore, market analysis can optimize investment activities and create all possible scenarios of market events. It can guide traders and investors alike to an ideal strategy. Furthermore, AI can minimize the risk of losing money due to wrong systems. 

Enhance Crypto Security Solutions

One of the major reasons many people still hesitate to invest in cryptocurrencies is the lack of security. Although Blockchain technology uses cryptography to protect investors from fraud. Yet, there are some instances of cryptocurrency fraudulent activities that have taken place. Artificial intelligence can help combat cybercrime and fraud in many ways. Through machine learning, it can recognize suspicious activities and secure the trading process. It can also build solutions for identity management during registration. It may automate KYC processes and prevent cyber fraud. Thus, blockchain’s security systems can improve considerably by integrating Artificial intelligence. 

Improve Automated Trading

Cryptocurrency can improve substantially if trading becomes automated. Many investors and traders may prefer AI trading for its undeniable advantages. The main advantages include reduced research time, automated investing, more reliable reports, and better predictions. It may also lead to lower costs. Efficient back-testing can become a feature of automated trading and it may hold great value in today’s technology for an average investor. Therefore, faster trading and reduced research time are other benefits of AI.

Factors that restrict AI in crypto

All these below-mentioned factors may not be permanent. It is however important to know the current factors that are restricting AI in crypto.

Limited Computing Power

Artificial intelligence needs a substantial amount of computing power. Presently, most people cannot afford such high computing power. This is because Artificial Intelligence may need historical market data and optimize human traders in crypto markets. 

Lack of Public Trust

Public trust is necessary for both AI blockchains and cryptocurrencies. However, the current attitude of the public towards AI smacks of mistrust. Therefore, many are apprehensive that AI may gobble up jobs. 

Data Deficient

The possible scenarios of AI dominating cryptocurrency are hard to understand and analyze. This is because there is not much historical data on this issue. Therefore, the pros and cons can only be imagined but cannot be accurately studied.

Human Mind

The human mind is responsible for bringing out good engineering in crypto trading. Currently, it is hard to say how much AI can substitute for human intelligence in this field. 

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Artificial intelligence can improve the popularity of cryptocurrencies. It can increase the investor’s success rate too. Market research which is needed for cryptocurrencies can improve substantially by using sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, security and transparency may be enhanced considerably and make crypto trading safer than before. 

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