Refer and Earn Opportunities with PayBitoPro Crypto Trading

  • September 24, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
Refer and Earn Opportunities with PayBitoPro Crypto Trading

Affiliate marketing is directly responsible for generating billions of dollars in the current global economy. A USD 15 billion industry by itself, affiliate marketing also known as referral programs, has become a popular tool in the hands of experienced marketers. A significant portion of the generated revenues comes from crypto referral programs.  One of the most trusted brands in the world of crypto trading, PayBitoPro offers registered users a chance to earn crypto credits by referring to their highly-rated crypto-based services.

How Profitable is Crypto Trading?

Still an emerging market, the cryptocurrency market has lower trade volumes compared to forex and stock exchanges. Thus, the volatility and liquidity of crypto markets are much higher, capable of demonstrating significant intraday price movements. Bitcoin recently hit a high of $52,000 before decreasing and reaching the $43000 mark. However, market research by experts reveals Bitcoin could touch $100,000 by 2021 end.

According to British banking giants Standard Chartered, the price of Ethereum, the 2nd most popular currency is likely to soar 10 times.  The crypto trading market is open 24×7, meaning you can trade at any time of any day throughout the year. The only exception is during the implementation of infrastructural updates, during downtime. Seasoned investors also take advantage of leveraged exposure as well as the rise and fall of prices by going long or short. All these results in growing crypto markets all over the world.

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What is a Refer and Earn Program?

Referral programs are marketing strategies used for the promotion of brand products to existing clients and extend the same to their close ones- friends, associates, relatives, or colleagues. In the past, these programs were propagated mainly through word-of-mouth. 

Referral programs have rewards for the successful propagator. In the case of crypto referrals like PaybitoPro, the prize is in the form of crypto tokens credited into the referrer’s PayBitoPro crypto wallet. Studies indicate a 90% trust rate for peer recommendations, higher than any other marketing channel. To make referral pitching easier, PayBitoPro also offers an introductory bonus for first-timers signing in. 

Why PayBitoPro?

PayBitoPro is at the forefront of all things related to cryptocurrency and finance. Users can use their PayBitoPro account for daily cryptocurrency trades. The PayBitoPro crypto exchange features the most advanced security and performance option, including a 3 point architecture, Segwit, FireWall, Firebase, BIP 32, and more. Traders can make a real-time analysis of multiple cryptocurrencies, and make informed decisions with the help of crypto performance graphs for adjustable time periods. And, there’s more.

For daily traders and investors, PayBitoPro has a separate OTC sector for large trade volumes, along with Future options. Users can also avail of the services of the PayBitoPro crypto bank- a virtual institution that operates like any other bank but runs on cryptocurrency. One can maintain a savings bank or current account, earn interest, take loans or collateralize cryptocurrency in possession according to their needs. The entire network runs on blockchain technology powered by AI, Data Science, and Cloud Computing. As such, the services are much faster, safer, and with minimal transaction charges. 

For enterprises and business institutions, PayBitoPro offers several top-of-the-line industry-standard services and solutions. Options include  White Label Crypto Exchange, DeFi Payment Gateways, Matching Engines, Portfolio Management, and more.

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Refer and Earn with PayBitoPro Crypto Trade

With a registered PayBitoPro account, earning through referrals is now easier than ever. The process is simple, and both you and your referee will receive crypto credits on joining. Crypto trading is an exciting avenue for growing asset value. Fluctuating economies, socio-political equations, and other parameters do not reflect on cryptocurrency valuations. 

Step-by-Step PayBitoPro Referral process

  • Log in to your existing PayBitoPro account.
  • Click on My Account. Go to Promotion. 
  • Share your distinct referral code(or unique link) with friends, associates, and family. 
  • Refer more people to earn more.
  • When one of the code/link recipients signs up with the referred link, crypto credits will be automatically added to both your PayBitoPro accounts. 

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