Bringing forth a conglomeration of social media in a platform to retain customers with no intermediaries, SESSIA’s profitable blockchain solutions successfully annexed higher than 100 businesses to their marketplace. Engaging new customers into an innovative program, the blockchain-backed marketplace of SESSIA assists in making businesses profitable. 

With a kickback and cashback conformity, supported by blockchain solutions, SESSIA benefits in paying out instant recompenses with their loyalty program, henceforth advancing the most efficient approach to attract and retain customers. With modifiable perspectives concerning its loyalty plan, every client receives cashback concerning their friend’s purchases. 

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Steps to Create a Loyalty Program

SESSIA’s business application assists in helping clients to build their loyalty program within minutes. Here lie the points to begin: 

  • Installation Process: Start by downloading the application from Google Play Store 
  • Registration Procedure: The next step follows by filling up the details of the details, accompanied by contact data to record and set up the company’s profile. 
  • Developing an E-shop: To build an e-shop, make sure to fill up the e-shop’s profile accompanied by going through the subsequent steps. 
  • Loyalty Programs: Make sure to the size of the kickbacks, the rate of cashbacks, including the number of payment levels accompanied by putting up the money balance when required.

Adding new catalog sections, new products, and developing a shop list remain readily available after finishing these steps accompanied by paying out rewards as cashback. 

Features of the Social Marketplace

  • Internet Store Builder: An effortless and comfortable alternative to organize businesses, the store builder of SESSIA props to generate a mobile e-store, by enabling amateur users to quickly customize goods and services and maintain the orders.
  • Loyalty Program: Supported by no-commission payouts, SESSIA’s loyalty program offers businesses its resilient program, therefore allowing the customer to receive a cashback concerning each purchase they and their friends make.

Other than these features, there is a cashback wallet for paying out cashback for the loyalty program, an in-built smart scanner, CRM for business, and social media concerning descriptions of all client’s purchases. 

The Founder’s Perspective

“SESSIA passes the hundred mark by drawing multiple businesses worldwide, hence aiding in building a community concerning trade with the social marketplace. Supported by their loyalty programs, SESSIA, has been flourishing in advancing the attention of the customers by bringing new people.” Narek Sirakanyan, the President and Founder of SESSIA, spoke to the media during an interactive session. 

Recent Ventures

As far as the recent developments are concerned, the social blockchain-based marketplace has been experiencing a huge surge in registrations of users and also looks ahead to experimenting with its alliance expansion with enterprises worldwide with an intention to annex its blockchain offerings.


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