The renounced social marketplace SESSIA, supported by blockchain, steps up forward in drawing thousands of generation z and millennial users. The state-of-the-art marketplace, due to its instant development in prominence globally, aims ahead to putting the alternatives of earning with the help of marketplace solutions, hands offering uses with immediate cashback.

Due to the availability of blockchain-based cashback systems, acquaintances and friends of customers can easily make purchases by finding services and goods, thereby placing an order and getting a cashback easily. Being a stable and secure platform, SESSIA’s social marketplace protects the private data and payment information of clients, thereby allowing users to pick stores according to cashback percentage, additional parameters as well as user reviews.

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What Does The Founder Have To Say?

According to Narek Sirakanyan, the President and Founder of SESSIA, the blockchain-based marketplace of SESSIA AIDS the millennial clients and their acquaintances to earn cashback by buying goods and services, thereby taking the help of feat subscribers concerning the obtainment of cashback. After the procedure of purchase is done and the QR code scanning is complete, the receipts of the clients are automatically published on the field, hence making their subscribers and friends see it, thereby inspiring them to buy similar products.

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SESSIA’s Endeavours

Apart from helping users in reaching milestones by providing standard marketplace solutions, SESSIA helps benefit users from their loyalty programs as well. Moreover, recently, the company happened to report enhanced activity on their platform during the last few months because of their loyalty programs. It led to users profiting from SESSIA a lot. Followed by this and the global surge in overall user activity, SESSIA has also unveiled its plan for extending its alliance with global enterprises with an intention to assist them with blockchain-based marketplace solutions.

Bottom Line

Providing enterprises globally with the opportunity to sell their products with specific payment gateways, SESSIA happens to be assisting them with quick and easy online sales apart from its other endeavors.


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