SESSIA’S unique kickback and cashback token has witnessed a surge in trading volume. As a result, it ended up giving a boost to the coin market capitalization. Lately, KICKS has been listed on the global Crypto exchange PayBito. This made it more accessible for trading and purchasing for users regarding the global reach of the Crypto exchange.

What is SESSIA?

SESSIA can be referred to as an application helping businesses establish immediate contact with their clients utilizing blockchain technology’s notable advantages. Moreover, it can also be considered as an app that combines eCommerce with social media models.

Free of any intermediaries, it forms a decentralized marketplace that executes operations and transactions. It comes with a free mobile eCommerce builder, which is pre-installed and allows businesses to start selling products effortlessly online. Companies can list their services and products on this platform, and clients can access them without intermediaries.

What is KICKS?

KICKS refers to an ERC-20 token that is also a native currency issued on the SESSIA platform. Customers can get cashback by purchasing from SESSIA. On the other hand, on referring to their friends, they can get rewards from their friend’s purchases.

The customer needs to place an order for a service or a product from SESSIA, and the receipt will readily be sent to the feed. When the customer’s friends see it, they will be motivated enough to place an order. This helps the number of loyal clients to grow.

Wrapping Up:

SESSIA is one of the most revolutionary business apps, but it is transforming the entire ecosystem of modern online sales. It targets the millennials and generation Z particularly. With this application, any business can draw new customers without intermediaries’ requirements and also promote loyalty. The best part is the customers can get rewards from their friends and their purchases.

When it comes to their native token KICKS, organizations can utilize this token to pay out cashback and kickbacks to their customers. Besides this, transfer of this native token without commission is possible, and one can also exchange it for Fiat currency. Therefore, it helps build long-term relationships between businesses and clients without the requirement for intermediaries.


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