The Brutal Link Between Hunger and Inequality

  • January 30, 2023
  • Jennifer Moore
The Brutal Link Between Hunger and Inequality

Global hunger is turning into a human catastrophe. Did you know that enough food is produced to feed every person around the world? However, 829 million people still go to bed hungry. In today’s world of inequality, only powerful people get to eat nutritious food and live a healthy life. People with the least economic, social, and political power are more likely to suffer from hunger and inequality. This is a universal truth irrespective of where you live. 

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How Can Power be Responsible for Social, Economic, and Political Inequality?

The concept of power is abstract, yet its impact of it can be tangible. Power has a huge impact on the local and global food systems. Private companies and international organizations can shape public debates and opinions after influencing the cost of food. Even at home, caregivers, and parents can take constructive decisions depending on the food cost and decide what they can buy and what they cant. 

Power is not always a bad thing, however, when someone lacks power, it leads to inequality. In such cases, it can lead to huge hunger and malnutrition problems among the ones who are already suffering from the imbalance. The imbalance in distribution between malnutrition and hunger is entirely in the social, economic, and political inequalities of power. 

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How are Hunger and Inequality Linked?

The International Panel of Experts (IPES) published a report in 2015 on Sustainable Food Systems that shared a link between hunger and financial inequalities stating, “Imbalance in power often roots in financial inequalities and is an important factor in the way food systems function….

While poverty is a clear result of social inequality, it is not the only way hunger is influenced. Girls and women consist of 60% of the hungriest people in the world and are a direct result of deeply rooted social structures that deny equal access to resources and services to women. Ethnic minorities face discrimination and suffer from great levels of hunger and poverty. Moreover, almost three-quarters of the poor people live in rural areas where the hunger crisis is high. 

Consider hunger and inequality as the two sides of an hourglass. While food producers and small-scale farmers are on the side of the glass. The other end consists of people who are not in the food-producing system. The power that sits in between the two sides controls both ends and amplifies hunger, inequality, and poverty to both ends. 

Gender Inequality is a Major Threat to Global Hunger

While social, economic, and political inequality is a common threat fueling hunger, gender inequality is a major threat to zero hunger. Women are often not part of major household decisions. Moreover, they do all the physical and laborious tasks around the house. This is not an exception but rather a rule in several countries. 

The gender inequality for many women results in hunger problems causing malnutrition and other similar diseases. Moreover, women in major families eat the last and often eat the leftovers of their husbands and children. In 65% of the countries around the world, women are likely to go hungry in comparison to men. Women take up half of the small-scale farmer workforce around the world and have only a few fertilizers, land, and tools. 

Brokering World Hunger Away Movement” Combating Global Hunger Crisis

 Global hunger is increasing at an alarming rate. While several government initiatives are already helping hungry people around the world the US-based crypto exchange platform has taken an initiative to contribute and end global hunger. 

The Brokering world hunger away movement started after PayBitoPro launched the world’s first Crypto broker platform providing an opportunity for institutional investors, and individual brokers to start their own businesses within minutes. The platform also provides a readymade exchange with over 400+ crypto markets, multiple assets, and over 20+ fiat currencies. 

PayBitoPro will spend the same amount of money the brokers earn as a commission. Thereafter, to feed hungry and undernourished children around the world.

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