Top Blockchain Development Companies of 2021: At a Glance

  • April 16, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
Top Blockchain Development Companies of 2021: At a Glance

Top blockchain development companies do not stop at delivering quality blockchain solutions. They seek growth through collaboration and encouraging other industries to switch to this technology.

Understanding the Blockchain

Blockchain was initially operated as an underlying technology to cryptocurrencies. Built on the principles drawn from cryptography, game theory, and peer-to-peer networking, it is a networking technology, similar to world-wide-web (www), that enables a decentralized exchange of data. Therefore, in a wider sense, blockchain is a distributed database (ledger), which maintains a continuously growing list of timestamped and encrypted transaction records organized in blocks, with each block being linked to a previous block, forming a chain.

Blockchain comes with some native features

Synchronized: All activity on the blockchain is automatically reflected across the network in near real-time.

Traceable: The transaction timestamp is recorded in a block, i.e. all data exchanges can be verified to have taken place at a point in time.

Decentralized: It is a distributed network of databases with potentially no central authority.

Immutable: Validated data is irreversible and cannot be tampered with preventing fraudulent or accidental overwriting. Moreover, it is built-in hashing, linking and consensus algorithm prevents change of historical records.

Secure: All recorded transactions are individually encrypted, but the transactions can be traced back through their cryptographic identities. 

Scalable: A new participant can be rapidly added to the network and a full copy of the ledger will be replicated in their node.

Collaborative: All network participants agree to the validity of each of the records. A new block is only adopted by the network once a majority of its participants agree that it is valid.

Auditable: Provides visibility into transactions through digital signatures, which binds each party to the data exchange in real-time. The digital signatures can be tied back to real-life identities depending upon the implementation. 

Programmable: A concept is known as “smart contracts” allows for instructions to be embedded within nodes, allowing automated rules to be executed for each transaction when predefined conditions are met. 

Permissiononed And Unpermissioned Blockchains

Bitcoin was the first proven implementation of blockchain technology. Therefore, this was followed by the launch of other cryptocurrencies. By now, most people are somewhat aware of how blockchain technology is applied in the context of public network infrastructure, also called “unpermissioned blockchains.” Over the past few years, industry focus has shifted to private and consortium distributed ledgers, commonly referred to as “permissioned blockchains”. Therefore, the “permissioned blockchains” are usually faster. Therefore, this is due to simplified consensus protocols relying on a smaller number of trusted nodes. Thereafter, maintaining and validating ledgers’ integrity.

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How Does Blockchain Help Your Business?

Moreover, the need to transfer shares of ownership using the current model would require stacks of paperwork, a legal advisor, or a trusted entity.

Now, in the case of transferring a digital asset such as an art piece. Moreover, it is not possible to prevent people from duplicating the file and sending others a copy. Since there is no way to verify the transfer of assets publicly, there exists no way to enforce the authenticity. Here’s where the blockchain comes into play. Therefore, blockchain is the only technology that allows for the transfer of digital assets in a decentralized and secure way.

Top Blockchain Development Companies

Here’s a list of top blockchain companies engaged in innovating designs aimed at simplifying business processes and improving customer experience.

HashCash Consultants 

As a pioneer in the blockchain development space, HashCash has provided blockchain support to a number of organizations in diverse applications. Moreover, HashCash Blockchain products enable enterprises to move assets across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, Gaming exchanges, and more.

HashCash Services

HashCash Blockchain services include  ICO, CBDC Advisory, and Consultancy, Blockchain traceability, Smart Contract development among others. Moreover, HashCash’s capabilities span industries like Investment Banking, Crypto exchanges, Gaming platforms, BFSI, Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical, Mining, and Government. 

HashCash specializes in the domains of AI, Data Mining, Analytics, IoT, Big Data, and IT. Moreover, HashCash also advocates the adoption of blockchain technology in a multitude of industrial uses. HashCash is known to solve the toughest challenges. Therefore, by executing innovative digital transformation strategies for clients around the world.

Minimal Project Size: $5000+

Average Hourly Rate: $50 — $99 / hr

Employee Number: 100–249

Client Focus: SMBs, Large Enterprise

Location: United States, Palo Alto

Year of Foundation: 2015


Consensys makes it to the top blockchain company 2021 by developing enterprise blockchain applications. Moreover, secure and efficient developer tools. Moreover, they have, by far,  developed and deployed several Enterprise Ethereum solutions with great success.

The company also helps, accelerate blockchain startups by investing in them. Therefore, their expertise in Ethereum benefits the developers handling resources and tools.  Moreover, the team of experts at Consensys also offers in-person and online blockchain education.

Minimal Project Size: $1,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $150 — $200 / hr

Employee Number: 250–999

Client Focus: P&G, Microsoft, WWF, Unionbank

Location: New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Toronto, Raleigh, Boulder, London, Waterloo, Tel Aviv, Singapore, and other locations.

Year of Foundation: 2015


A top blockchain development company and giant, IBM’s team of blockchain developers work for businesses and industries by providing blockchain solutions, blockchain use cases, and blockchain resources in the form of courses and webinars.

IBM designed blockchain technology solutions to empower businesses to digitize transactions through a secured, shared, and distributed ledger, improving efficiency in operations.

Minimal Project Size: $5,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $100 — $149 / hr

Employees Number: 1,000–9,999

Client Focus: SMBs, Large Enterprise

Location: Armonk, New York

Year of Foundation: Founded 2009


LeewayHertz provides end-to-end blockchain development and consulting services to multiple business domains. They develop customized solutions in every facet of the blockchain technology such as smart contracts, dApps, STO/IEO launches, stablecoins, public and private blockchain, for their clients. Moreover, LeewayHertz takes pride in their guiding their clients to choose the most appropriate blockchain platform like Tezos, EOS, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Hedera Hashgraph for their business.

Minimal Project Size: $2000+

Average Hourly Rate:  $25-50/ hr

Employees Number: 50-249

Client Focus: SMBs and Large Enterprise

Location: San Francisco

Year of Foundation: 2007


UnicSoft concentrates on developing technology. Therefore, they create software products backed by AI and Blockchain for enterprises and rising startups. Moreover, the company boasts of valued interaction with clients and a unique approach to all of its customers.

Their focus is to grow and deliver as a trusted partner and support businesses leading to the world’s online change. Pre-ICO & ICO Consulting, Tokenization, Supply Chain Management, Cryptocurrency, Hyperledger, Wallets, Smart Contracts, Parity, Solidity, MultiChain, Ethereum, Geth, R&D, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Predictive Analytics, Web and Mobile Development are some of their bankable services.

Min. project size: $5,000+

Avg. hourly rate: $50 — $99 / hr

Company Size: 50–249

Client Focus: SMBs, Large Enterprise

Location: Kiev, Ukraine; Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom; Soquel, CA, USA

Year of Foundation: 2005


Labrys is an Australian company making it to the top blockchain companies of 2021. Moreover, they advise clients to design, plan, and develop different blockchain outputs. Therefore, they also offer end-to-end services for Individuals, Startups, enterprises, and Government customers looking to Design, Build, and Start Software Solutions using Blockchain Technology.

Moreover, as global industry leaders, they invest resources in creating customized blockchain solutions and services. Therefore, it can assist businesses in forming a lasting impact in the digital economy.

Minimal Project Size: $1,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $100 — $149 / hr

Employees Number: 10–49

Client Focus: SMBs

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Year of Foundation: 2017


Pixel Plex is a top blockchain development company headquartered in New York City. Moreover, with offices in the Netherlands, Minsk, Amsterdam, and Belarus. PixelPlex specializes in blockchain, custom software development, and mobile application development. Therefore, their regular work is focussed amidst mid-market and enterprise-range customers principally within the business services domain. Moreover, the company works in developing smart contracts concerning a crowdfunding business.

Minimal Project Size: $25,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $50 — $99 / hr

Employees Number: 50–249

Client Focus: SMBs

Location: New York City

Year of Foundation: Founded 2007


Yet another top blockchain development company, established in 2017, EthWorks focuses on blockchain app development and design. Therefore, they offer web development, custom software development, UX/UI design, and blockchain development services.

Minimal Project Size: $5,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $50 — $99 / hr

Employees Number: 10–49

Client Focus: SMBs

Location: Poland

Year of Foundation: 2017


4Clae one of the top blockchain development companies delivers different blockchain and software projects around the world. Founded in 2013 in Wroclaw, the 32-employee unit of 4soft implements web development, UX/UI design, and custom software development services for midmarket and small customers.

Minimal Project Size: $10,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $50 — $99 / hr

Employee Number: 50–249

Client Focus: SMBs

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Year of Foundation: 2013


Therefore, it to the top blockchain development company having begun its services in 2003 as a software services and product development organization. Ionixx plummeted into cutting-edge solutions that include blockchain growth. Therefore, as one of the pathfinder members of blockchain, Ionixx developed manifold use cases in catering to a varied clientele. Moreover, those include startups and big technology companies that have achieved. Along with, sustained triumphant results.

Minimal Project Size: $10,000+

Average Hourly Rate: $30 — $49 / hr

Employees Number: 100–249

Client Focus: SMBs

Location: United States of America, Los Angeles

Year of Foundation: 2013

Interesting to Note…

In the above list of top blockchain development companies 2021, it is quite evident that the stellar positions of blockchain development organizations are, in the majority, bagged by concerns that are relatively young as opposed to industry giants. 

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Therefore, it is a sign of rapid development with innovation on the part of these organizations. Moreover, it has led them to where they stand now.  Although it is an exceedingly competitive market.

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