The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom has incorporated crypto-asset businesses within the financial crimes, thereby reporting post the initial announcement of plans to perform so. The Financial Conduct Authority has made this public with the help of a policy statement. It is one of those moves that come as the nation’s financial regulator, thereby increasing the number of organizations demanded to submit annual financial crime reports

What’s in the Policy Statement for Combatting Crime? 

As per the policy statement, the Financial Conduct Authority happens to declare that compliance with annual financial crime report happened to be necessary for enabling regulators to combat fraud and money laundering activities. According to their business plan, the  Financial Conduct Authority is likely to strengthen its rules for preventing money laundering. They are supposed to work with international and domestic stakeholders for supporting a joint approach to crypto assets

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Initial Plan Announcement and So On

In the initial plan announcement during August 2020, UK regulators declared that this move happens to be a part of efforts for adopting a data-focused approach to financial technological regulation. As per reports, financial crimes reporting obligations happened to be respective concerning the cryptocurrency firm’s annual revenue. Followed by the announcement of the policy statement, the crypto firms of the United Kingdom incorporated in the extended annual finance crime report, thereby requiring them to submit their reports within their due dates. 

Final Words

As far as the Financial Conduct Authority is concerned, crypto-asset businesses mainly referred to custodial wallet providers and cryptocurrency exchanges. The introduction of annual financial crime reporting happened to follow on from the increased oversight of the regulators of the virtual currency world, thereby incorporating compulsory registration concerning digital asset organizations.

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Other than that, the financial conduct authority has continued supervising anti-money laundering stipulations of the United Kingdom crypto businesses from January 2020. Moreover, a host of crypto business registration applications compelled the financial conduct authority to develop a temporary license during December 2020, thereby bringing the ban of financial conduct authority into effect in January 2021. of the Financial Conduct Authority into effect on January 2021. 

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