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Embark on your journey in the world of crypto banking by launching your own branded platform with PayBitoPro. Benefit from a comprehensive and secure solution tailored to elevate your business in the dynamic crypto landscape.

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Explore the Capabilities of Our White Label Crypto Banking Solution

Unlock the potential of our cutting-edge white label crypto banking solution and elevate your financial institution to new horizons. Our platform expedites market entry, slashes costs, and delivers an exceptional banking experience through an intuitive, mobile-friendly application.

Account Management

Seamlessly navigate through account management with our flexible tools, ensuring efficient handling of accounts and records at every stage, from opening and managing accounts to deposits, savings, and closure. Featuring multi-currency support and a streamlined banking option, all the tools you need for account management are at your fingertips.

Account Management
Crypto-Based Loans

Crypto-Based Loans

Access loans from various financial institutions dealing with crypto assets through our crypto-based lending tool. Smart contracts facilitate the loan application process, connecting users with banks capable of providing loans. A single software solution manages all aspects of the lending book cycle, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Earn Crypto Interest

Maximize the potential of your cryptocurrency by earning interest effortlessly. Utilize your cryptocurrency portfolio to generate rewards in a simple and secure manner. Explore a variety of popular coins, initiate your journey, and start earning interest. PayBitoPro is here to assist you in effortlessly growing your crypto holdings, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Earn Crypto Interest
Digital Wallets and Cards

Digital Wallets and Cards

Empower your customers with the versatile features of our digital cards and wallet management system, providing them with convenient access to their funds and the ability to make hassle-free payments without the need to visit a bank. We ensure meticulous care in handling all facets of the transaction process, incorporating robust security measures throughout initiation, execution, notification, and settlement.

Features of a White Label Crypto Banking Solution

An innovative crypto bank relies on the incorporation of specific features within the white label crypto banking system to ensure secure and seamless crypto-based banking transactions.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Comprehensive Dashboard

The white-label crypto banking software has intuitive front-end designs, providing users with a seamless and immersive interface.

Robust Trading

Versatile Modules

Beyond traditional banking components, the platform encompasses crypto-based modules like DeFi, earning, crypto loans, P2P transactions, staking, etc.

Robust Infrastructure

Robust Infrastructure

The platform utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as smart algorithms, smart contracts, MFA, and a more advanced architecture.

Advanced APIs

Advanced APIs

PayBitoPro uses advanced APIs, including wallet systems, payment gateways, liquidity providers, stock options, etc., to ensure a comprehensive banking solution.

Advantages of White Label Crypto Banking Software


Distinguishing itself from traditional banking systems, white label crypto banking platforms operate in a decentralized and automated manner. This facilitates peer-to-peer transactions at a reduced cost within a decentralized environment.


A key advantage of white label crypto banking systems lies in their scalability and adaptability to the specific requirements of digital banking platforms. Furthermore, the application can be effortlessly upgraded with in-demand features to meet market trends.


White label crypto banking applications employ robust blockchain security protocols such as data encryption, ensuring secure storage and management of crypto assets with minimized risks of data breaches and system glitches.


In addition to offering a host of modern banking benefits, the platform enhances liquidity by facilitating the conversion of fiat to crypto and vice versa, thereby contributing to economic stability.


A crypto bank is a financial institution that provides equivalent services to traditional banks, including lending, asset deposits, and interest accrual, but operates using cryptocurrencies instead of conventional currencies like the dollar or euro.

Crypto banking systems use blockchain technology to provide a range of digital banking services, such as deposits and loans, to the community. The system operates through the following mechanisms:

Key Pair: Users employ a private key (akin to a password or PIN), stored in their digital wallet, to initiate transactions, while the public key serves as a username or wallet address.

Transaction Fee: A nominal transaction fee is levied to support the network's DAO by compensating miners for validating transactions.

DeFi Platform: Utilizing the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, individuals can secure loans using cryptocurrency or other digital assets as collateral in a decentralized setting.

Smart Contract: Integration of smart contracts within the crypto banking application automates intricate banking processes, enhancing efficiency and operational fluidity.

A white label solution is pre-built software that can be customized and branded to suit the client's needs. In the case of crypto banking also, it is a ready-to-deploy solution incorporating all banking features and functionalities in a pre-designed structure, open for customization. In addition, with the fine-tuned white-label crypto banking solutions, the deployment of digital asset banking systems is easy.

The pricing for white label crypto banking development varies based on various factors such as design, features, quality, and others. Our objective is to deliver a top-tier solution while maintaining affordability. Feel free to reach out to our experts for an estimated cost.


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