Global crypto banking solution enhances user appeal

  • June 20, 2022
  • Jennifer Moore
Global crypto banking solution enhances user appeal

The global crypto exchange platform, PayBitoPro is making headlines across the crypto market community by providing eccentric banking solutions actuated by cryptocurrencies. PaybitoPro is not just a crypto exchange platform, it also provides trade-in large volumes, secure storage for institutions, block confirmation tracking, account opening options, custody solutions, and crypto collateralized landing. 

Why PayBitoPro Is A Global Crypto Solution In Crypto Community Market?

PaybitoPro offers a crypto banking solution, an application of cryptocurrencies underpinned by blockchain technology.  Users can utilize various banking services using their digital assets along with fiat groups like INR, USD, SGD, AED, etc. Extensive internet reach will allow the users to utilise the baking solution of the software in areas with poor banking infrastructure.

CEO Talks

Blockchain pioneer, and CEO of PayBitoPro, Mr. Raj Chowdhury shares “Digital assets herald the new-age transformation in global finance. PayBitoPro’s Crypto Banking solution is built in the same vein- to promote financial inclusion, trust, and transparency.”

PayBitoPro is a US-based company and a global brand with its exchange and trading features. The platform offers several trading options underpinned by the blockchain database that prioritises safety.  In recent months, the software has also made new additions to its user interface. It has increased its asset listing to forty-one, and also launched its very own free downloadable desktop app.

Chowdhury has previously shared his views on how inflation can be a major setback for cryptocurrencies, he also added that “the crypto revolution has been welcomed by global financial powerhouses owing to their several benefits. The underlying blockchain technology has practically limitless potential and facilitates the use of crypto assets across countless industrial domains”.

PayBitoPro: A Global Crypto Exchange Platform 

PayBitoPro is a global brand, well known for its exchange software and banking solutions. The company believes in the positive of collaboration, rather than competition. New startups and companies investing in crypto exchange and trading platforms prefer white label offers by PayBitoPro. Until today, PayBitoPro has contributed its products in twenty-six countries across UAE, USA, Canada, UK, and more. PayBitoPro also announced a limited period offer of a flat 50% discount across its white label crypto exchange products and others.

In Conclusion

The crypto industry is growing every day. Today, there are more than three hundred million digital asset holders around the World. The global crypto banking solution, PayBitoPro has paved the way for crypto creation with better adoption, acceptance and economic inclusion.


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