PayBitoPro allies with Singapore Enterprise for crypto banking

  • March 23, 2021
  • Jennifer Moore
PayBitoPro allies with Singapore Enterprise for crypto banking

PayBitoPro, a global cryptocurrency exchange enters collaboration with Singapore-based enterprise. A fully equipped crypto banking solution with ancillaries is to come off the alliance. PayBitoPro has earlier been part of several such tie-ups to deliver crypto-exchange solutions. However, crypto banking solutions take it several notches higher. 

PayBitoPro Making Crypto a Potential Financial Tool

This alliance is of great importance in view of the stance many countries have adopted towards the adoption of cryptocurrency as a potential financial instrument. While many countries have a resistive approach towards crypto trading, others have imposed regulatory measures to reap the benefits from the transaction while keeping the fraudulent activities at bay. At the same time, it also reveals the mass acceptance that cryptography currently enjoys in the sheer increase in the number of new users.

Singapore, on the legal front, offers a balanced regulatory and legal environment for cryptocurrency transactions. The financial regulatory body governs the ecosystem monitoring the possible risks of money laundering and terror-financing. Therefore, ensuring not to snuff its innovation capacities. This standing has made Singapore a nucleus of crypto activities.

Founder and CEO of PayBitoPro, Raj Chowdhury explained, “Adopting an asset class as formidable as the cryptocurrency, can be daunting. But this decidedly is the next big thing. A crypto bank covers all products and services a traditional bank does, only easier in operation and less time-consuming“.

Lately, PayBitoPro has  On the operations front, PayBitoPro is gliding through an all-time high with an overwhelming surge in new registrations on its exchange platform. Moreover, PayBitoPro team responded by reinforcing all measures to assure a secure and glitch-free trading experience for all its users. PayBitoPro management has also spoken in the recent past about their intentions to partner with projects in the property sector

PayBitoPro development team aims to achieve hyper-automation and thereby enhance efficiency, mitigate risks and reduce time and cost. 


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