Blockchain-fueled marketplace and a first-of-its-kind enterprise seek an alliance with global enterprises. He offers Blockchain-based marketplace solutions in the bid. 

Post its sharp rise to worldwide prominence, SESSIA seeks to partner with global companies to assist them in building their own marketplace and publishing ads and news.

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SESSIA contains a feed with product catalogs whereby businesses can publish their news and advertisements. The blockchain-based marketplace now looks forward to sharing its platform to enable global businesses to sell their products directly using their own payment gateways. SESSIA offers the use of its own payment gateway to businesses without their own facility.

In an interactive session with the media, Narek Sirakanyan, the President and Founder of SESSIA says, “Concerning the ecosystem of modern business processes online, business partners can utilize our platform and get access to a classic marketplace where they can sell their products in traditional currencies, thereby leading the SESSIA app to automatically convert these prices to KICKS, the native token of SESSIA, and connect partners with exchanges, thereby carrying out the transaction. Post transactions, SESSIA’s blockchain-based marketplace is likely to analyze the data on behalf of companies and customers, thereby creating a rating, hence leading the customers to select a company.”

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Alongside offering marketplace solutions, SESSIA helps customers earn reward points on purchases. Thus, integrating their social marketplace with traditional markets in a persistent move. SESSIA allows its users the benefits from its loyalty program. This translates into a remarkable retail assortment backed by lucrative KICKS rewards.


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